13th Airborne

Day of Defeat : Source Realism unit Commanding officer : LtCol. Kinnear Executive Officer : Maj. Zahadoom.
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 Inter-unit cooperation - personnel information request

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PostSubject: Inter-unit cooperation - personnel information request   Thu Mar 25, 2010 10:52 am

I am Pvt. Winters of the 3rd Ranger Battalion. I just have a quick personnel question. I just had a Rec. Shadow with your tags (real name Jayla D. Fain, STEAM_0:0:21998733 )who claimed to be of the 13th Airborne, on our server. He stated that he had been "kicked out of the 13th AB for no reason" and wanted to join the 3rd RB. I just wanted to know if this person really was a recruit of the 13th, and if he was, the circumstances of his discharge. Thank you for your consideration.
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Inter-unit cooperation - personnel information request
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