13th Airborne

Day of Defeat : Source Realism unit Commanding officer : LtCol. Kinnear Executive Officer : Maj. Zahadoom.
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 Battalion Roster

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LtCol. Kinnear [13th AB]

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PostSubject: Battalion Roster   Sun Mar 29, 2009 12:12 am

13th Airborne Division
517th Parachute Infantry Regiment,
First Battalion Roster

Commanding Officer : LtCol. Kinnear
Executive Officer : Maj. Zahadoom

Battalion Staff:
MSgt. Smurf
MSgt. EinhanderTSgt. Simmons
TSgt. Plummer
TSgt. Mueller

Technicians :
T/4. Wolf
T/5. Swagger
T/5. Wilson

Able Company
Commanding Officer Cpt. Orbit
Executive Officer : 1lt. Green
NCO Advisor : FSgt.Sobcynski

First Platoon Commander : 2Lt. Sherman

First Squad
Squad Leader : MSgt. Chekov
Assistant Squad Leader : Sgt. Freeman

Cpl. Marsh
Cpl. Ed
Pfc. Merc
Pfc. Anthony
Pfc. Hero
Pvt. Hartman
Pvt. Bando

Second Squad
Squad Leader : SSgt. Hackman
Assitant squad leader : Sgt. Rockzo

Cpl. Miller
Pfc. Dank
Pfc. Cleaner
Pfc. Coconut
Pfc. Mix
Pvt. Darknight
Pvt. Donet

Second Platoon Commander : 2Lt. Tommy

First Squad
Squad leader : SSgt. Feefee
Assistant Squad Leader : Sgt. Sweet

Cpl. Duhnham
Pfc. Scout
Pfc. Tyler
Pfc. Slipknot
Pvt. Phister
Pvt. Blondie
Pvt. Anderson

Second Squad
Squad Leader : SSgt. Mac
Assistant Squad Leader : Cpl. Nick

Cpl. Luke
Cpl. Feelgood
Pfc. Dank
Pfc. Mcready
Pvt. Anderson
Pvt. Fox
Pvt. Diamond

Charlie Company

Commanding Officer Cpt. Alasafar
Executive Officer : 2Lt. Assasin
NCO Advisor : FSgt. Grevious

First Platoon Commander 2Lt.Pennington

First Squad
Squad Leader : SSgt. Falnos
Assistant Squad Leader : Sgt. Wonderbread

Cpl. Kallmeyer
Pfc. Elric
Pvt. Gilloutine
Pvt. Lepracaun
Pvt. Semi
Pvt. Silent
Pvt. Sknns

Second Squad
Squad leader : Sgt. Biffy
Assistant Squad Leader : Sgt. Shadow

Cpl. Trembler
Pvt. Swifty
PVt. Swagger
Pvt. Drift
Pvt. Jeramo
Rct. Ghost
Rct. Rudy

Third Platoon Commander 2Lt.Coones

First Squad
Squad Leader : SSgt. Williams
Assistant Squad Leader : Sgt. Biffy

Cpl. Ckid
Cpl. Jenkins
Pvt. Littlehorn
Pvt. Twiekable
Pvt. Dinosaur
Rct. wolfkreig
Rct. Buddha

Second Squad
Squad leader : SSgt. Sova
Assistant Squad Leader : SSgt. Bidwell

Sgt. Pain
Cpl. Killjoy
Pfc. Rolo
Pfc. Robuck
Pvt. Hybrid
Rct. Nguyener

Baker Company
Commanding Officer Maj. Olvera
Executive Officer : 2lt. Joker
NCO Advisor : FSgt. Dmunn

First Platoon Commander 2Lt.Maverick

First sqaud
Squad Leader : SSgt. Picarello
Assistant Squad leader: Sgt. Smokey

Cpl. Carter
Cpl. Cyberfac
Pfc. Samuels
Pfc. Toxicity
Pfc. Roebuck
Pvt. Biffy
Pvt. Fallen

Second Squad
Squad Leader: SSgt. Blackmage
Assistatn Squad leader : Sgt. Misery
Pfc. Lit
Pfc. Diamond
Pvt. Conners
Rct. Lula
Rct. Goat
Rct. Roberts
Rct. Mustang

Second Platoon Commander 2Lt.Imbimbo

First Squad
Squad leader : SSgt. Ownage
Assistant Squad Leader : SSgt. Ed

Pvt. R. Brannon
Pvt. Roman
Rct. Beer
Rct. Forchetta
Rct. Toast
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Battalion Roster
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