13th Airborne

Day of Defeat : Source Realism unit Commanding officer : LtCol. Kinnear Executive Officer : Maj. Zahadoom.
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 United WarFare Realism League for DODS

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PostSubject: United WarFare Realism League for DODS   Fri Mar 06, 2009 6:13 am


Does your unit have 12-15 members? Are you all looking for a new level of DODS Realism? The United WarFare Realism League can help your unit out. We are currently taking reserve units enrollments for this current season. Already in week 2, all of our reserve units have been mustered and we need more! Enroll your team today to be the first added to the next available spot in the season as it opens up!

But do not take my word for it, listen to what unit commanders are saying about the league!

Visit us at the United Warfare Website.
If you are interested in enrolling please read THIS THREAD FIRST

Enrollments can be done HERE!
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PostSubject: Re: United WarFare Realism League for DODS   Sat Mar 28, 2009 2:42 pm

Hello 13th AB!

Thank you for registering your unit to play in our first annual Realism regular Season! We (UWFL Staff) are currently working very hard to get your unit set up and informed of what is about to happen. But while we wait, there is nothing stopping you from getting involved! As a registered member, you now have a say so in the matters of the season! Take advantage of this opportunity. We always need help. Whether its selecting maps, working on the website.... your input is vital to a fun and exciting event.

Have your members be the first to register at our new website! More members means a greater chance of finding sponsors and having prizes in the future! Get on the forums and see how you can actively help in the decision process of this event!

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PostSubject: Re: United WarFare Realism League for DODS   Sat Mar 28, 2009 2:51 pm

Your First Match in the UWFL

Your unit will be placed on our reserve list. What does this mean?

Will we play in any matches?
- Yes and No. Being in the reserves mean you will be called up the minute a unit leaves the league for whatever reasons and their spot opens up.

How are the reserves activated?
- The reserves are activated in accordance of the order they enrolled. So if you are the 3rd unit in the reserve list, you will be the third unit the UWS (United WarFare Staff) will contact to see if your unit is ready to take the spot.

How long does it usually take to be called up?
- The average is two weeks. We have had a total of over 20 units originally sign up for this league. Now we are down to 10. Units disband, quit, fall apart rapidly.
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Lapier [82nd AA]

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PostSubject: Re: United WarFare Realism League for DODS   Mon Apr 06, 2009 1:28 pm

Hello to all units, as you may have noticed, our site has been continually up and down in the past week making for hard viewing of times and other such things. We are very sorry for this inconvenience and are trying our best to resolve the issue.

If you have any questions you can now access the forums at:

We also have two new radio hosts who are working on the radio, let's give a warm welcome to both these new members, Lawson [86th ID] and Winters [86th ID].

We are still looking for people who are willing to help with different things on the forum, here is a short list with details:

- Forum Admin: Finds new skins for the board, is able to work graphically to make buttons/banners/headers and other such things to make it more UWFL style. Is expected to watch over the forum moderators, and users of the forums with their posts.

- Stats Manager: These people will get the wins-and-losses for each unit, and will update it accordingly on the main page (which is down right now). This is not a hard job, it is rather simple, and will not take a huge amount of time. It is simple relations with the other units.

- Map Scouters: Seen some maps that you think look cool and would go well with the UWFL? Oh really now, well let's test out that theory. Come and apply, your job will be testing out maps, marking of no-go area's, finding mid-lines, making general rules for the maps, putting up at least one a week. Yes it may seem like a lot, but maps don't evaluate themselves.

- Steam Group Manager: Oh wow, hard position to fill, really, it's pretty much the same as the stats manager, except you get to add in a bunch of members to join the group, and to hang out and participate in realisms. Also if there are any updates that have been put out you can post them there as well.

If any of these interest you please do not be afraid to join in the forums, and send either myself ( Lapier [UWS] ) or ( Switz [UWS] ) a message.

To all units, good luck in the next week's match, we know it will be hard, but we have faith in you and cannot wait to see how the outcomes turn out.


The UWFL Staff
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PostSubject: Re: United WarFare Realism League for DODS   Mon Apr 06, 2009 10:12 pm

April 10-12 Canceled.

Week 6 of the UWFL will be delayed a week due to site technical problems. The schedule will be bumped backwards a week so you will not lose any matches.

The next map is still undetermined, we are currently looking at three maps for week 6. The map will either be announced on your site or the UWFL website if the problem the site is having is fixed.

In the mean time, the UWFL is in process of gaining a new anti cheat system that will 100% remove wallhacking in any match. This anti-cheat is a client version (you will have to run it) that takes automatic screenshots of what you see and partial demoes and sends them to the UWFL website.

Once the anti-cheat system is obtained by the UWFL, instructions will be posted on your forums explaining how to install and use it. A link to the anti cheat system can be found here:


Thank you for your patience.
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PostSubject: Re: United WarFare Realism League for DODS   Thu Apr 23, 2009 6:58 am

The United WarFare League is back in action!

Welcome back units! You where previously contacted today by a UWS to see if you wish to remain in the unit. Now that you have agreed to go on, we would like to update you on a lot of new information concerning the league:

First, thank you for staying with us.

As some of you know, we will be taking new measures to ensure the league is hacker free and safe to play on. For starters, we will be getting a new UWFL server to play on that has Source TV installed already with slots. We believe this is where we failed during the first half of the season. We believe we where supposed to purchase the slots, and thats the reason we had so much lag interference.

Second, we will be implementing XRay Anti Cheat. It is a client based program that takes screenshots regularly of what you see and submits them to our league for review. In addition, it also blocks known hacks. With XRay, their will be some extra work required by your command staff. We apologize for this inconvenience, however as a whole, we can all agree a little extra work is well worth making certain your matches take place fairly. Please know that, members who do not run XRay Anti Cheat will cause an automatic Unit DQ for your entire match! So please do not let this happen to your unit. Also, the program has known compatibility issues. Please read the next post to see what those are.

With the current month of inactivity, we have lost a few units from the league. We will be actively recruiting new units to take their place and hopefully, even have the chance of growing. The UWFL will now only be inviting units with an already good reputation and solid organization. So rest assured, there should not be any more no shows from any opponents.
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PostSubject: Re: United WarFare Realism League for DODS   Thu Apr 23, 2009 7:01 am

XRay Anti-Cheat client program Information page.

The United WarFare League requires all players to use and run XRay Anti Cheat in your matches. Failure to do so will result in a unit DQ for the entire match!

What is XRay Anti Cheat?

XRay Anti Cheat is a clent side (you do it) program that takes automatic screenshots of what you see and blocks known hacks on your system. Mix this with our Source TV and sv_pure settings ont eh UWFL server and you will be assured to have a even playing feild against all your opponents.

What do I and my unit have to do?

All players will need to have XRay Anti Cheat running for every match they are in.

Unit leaders will be required to send their players GUID to the UWS if asked to see them.

The UWS will ask units randomly for their players GUID. This is not meant to be harrasing you. Each unit will be asked at least five times in a regular season. In some cases you may have to submit your players GUID's after each match. To learn how to run XRay or send in your GUID's, please read below:

Do we really need this?


Is it going to put a virus on my system?

Unless you download it somewhere else then their official site, then no.

Will it slow down my game?

No, it won't, it's a very small program.

How does it work?

When you turn it on, it waits for you to go into dod:s, when you go in it begins to take pictures randomly, and saves them to a temp file, but counts them, so when you hit upload it will know if it uploads them all or not. If it doesn't you will be disqualified, that simple.

Where can I find it?

You can find it HERE.

Is there anything special I need to do?

Yes you have to sign up for an account which can be done here. And then download the program which can be done here.

What do I do to start it up?

Double click it, it will ask you to sign in, use the account info you gave, and then once signed in, go in-game.

How do I upload?

There is a button that says upload after you have played a game, and it shows how many screenshots were taken.

How do you know if I hack?

It will show up in either the scripts, or in the screenshots of the Anti-Cheat upload.

How do we know if it is you?

All officers will be required to have you send them your GUID identification. This is a large long number that can be found to the right of your name. If you are to take a look at this profile. You will see just to the right a long line of letters/numbers. This is your General User Identification Data (GUID) (ie. 000001207fe3258398091b8a000aedf7d6726fc2). Your commanding officer will have this linked to your name and sent to the admins so that we may view your screenshots and processess easily. It links to all your screenshots and profile on the site.

To the officers:

You are required to get all the data and GUID of all your members and put them in a list like as follows:
Name: GUID: Link
-Cpt. Lapier: 000001207fe3258398091b8a000aedf7d6726fc2 http://www.xraygaming.com/index.php?pageid=xac-profile&userid=76621
-Random Person: 9999949249142jeiahgoew832563q8954irea http://www.xraygaming.com/index.php?pageid=xac-profile&userid=76621

Any other questions? Ask us HERE.
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PostSubject: Re: United WarFare Realism League for DODS   Mon Apr 27, 2009 12:33 pm

The next map has been Announced!

Please read the link below to familiarize yourself with its rules:

Schedule to be updated Wednesday!
We are still adding a few more units. We will stop accepting Wednesday and finalize the schedule for you guys. We are aiming to start matches this weekend. If this is too quick for you please notify a UWS on Wednesdayto see if we can help you change to a later date.
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PostSubject: Re: United WarFare Realism League for DODS   

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United WarFare Realism League for DODS
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