13th Airborne

Day of Defeat : Source Realism unit Commanding officer : LtCol. Kinnear Executive Officer : Maj. Zahadoom.
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 Targets Request Ban

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Cpt. Z. Orbit [13th AB]

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PostSubject: Targets Request Ban   Mon Feb 16, 2009 11:47 am

Ingame Name: 2Lt. Orbit [13th AB]

Ingame Names: -[KILL]-lymph_n0d

IDs: # 223 "-[KILL]-lymph_n0d" STEAM_0:0:5605094 03:19 91 0 active
# 224 "-[KILL]-ToXiC-" STEAM_0:1:2692227 02:43 88 0 active

Reason: Public Teamkilling, Admin Abuse

Proof: Ask Sgt. Pain [13th AB], Sgt. Steel [13th AB]. (Why no pic) I didn't hotkey the screen taker.....

Other: These memebers must be banned!
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Targets Request Ban
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