13th Airborne

Day of Defeat : Source Realism unit Commanding officer : LtCol. Kinnear Executive Officer : Maj. Zahadoom.
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 List of Medals

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Cpt. Z. Orbit [13th AB]

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PostSubject: List of Medals   Mon Jan 26, 2009 6:40 am

Kinnear you can list of the medals....
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LtCol. Kinnear [13th AB]

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PostSubject: and i shall   Thu Feb 05, 2009 7:27 am


[|MOH|] - medal of honor, will only be awarded by kinnear
[|DSC|] - Distinguished service cross, Can only be awarded by kinnear and zahadoom
[|DSM|] - Distinguished servervice medal, Can only be awarded by kinnear zahadoom and olvera
[|SS|] - Silver Star, can only be awarded by kinnear zahadoom olvera and orbit
[|BS|] - Bronze Star, can only be awarded by kinnear zahadoom olvera orbit and alasafar
[|PH|] - Purple Heart, die in a realism
[|SM|] - soldiers medal, Awarded by a 1lt. and above
[|ACM|]- Army comendation medal, awarded by a 2Lt. and above
[|AAM|]- Army achievment medal, awarded by a CWO. and above
[|GCM|] - Army good conduct medal, Awarded one bar for every three months of service this is for 3 months
[|*GCM|] - this is for 6 months
[|*G*CM|] - this is for 9 months
[|*G*C*M|] - this is for a year
[|*G*C*M*|] - this is for 15 months and as high as it will go
[|NCO|] - nco development ribbon, awarded to those who get the rank of MSgt. or FSgt.
[|OSR|] - overseas service ribbon, Complete bct and jump training
[|ART|] - Army reserve overseas training ribbon, complete bct
[|POW|] - Prisnor of war medal, become a prisnor of war in a 13th airborne situation
[|ACM|] - American campaigne medal, join the 13th airborne
[|EAM|] - European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign Medal, join the 13th airborne


[=RM=] - rifle marksman, get a 15-18 on advanced rifle test
[=RS=] - rifle sharpshoot, get a 19-22 on advanced rifle test
[=ER=] - Expert Rifleman, get 23-25 on advanced rifle test
[=SM=] - Sniper marksman, get a 5-7 on advanced Sniper test
[=SS=] - Sniper sharpshoot, get a 8-9 on advanced Sniper test
[=ES=] - Expert Sniper, get 10 to 25 on advanced Sniper test
[=DS=] - Distinguished shot badge, get a maximum score on one of the marksman tests
[=JW=] - Jump wings, Complete jump training
[=SJW=] - Senior jump wings, awarded by kinnear
[=EIB=] - expert infantry badge, complte bct, jump training, and at least one advanced combat training
[=CIB=] - Combat infantry badge, awared by kinnear after realisms, you can be awarded it 4 times
[=C*IB=] - second award
[=C*I*B=] - third award
[=C*I*B*=] - fourth award
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List of Medals
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